In red, a summary of the steps required to install and run the models.

If you prefer, it is also possible to run the executable files of the Models. In this case you do not NEED TO HAVE an IDL license. We use the IDL Virtual Machine to create these programs and you can use them free without any cost or restriction.  So, you just need to download the package and follow the instructions. At the moment, this version is only available for the Linux Systems users.

The Virtual Machine (VM) version of the models produces the same results as the programs provided in the IDL prompt line format. To run these programs you do not need to have an IDL license. Since the concept of VM allow the user that has an IDL license  to distribute compiled IDL code applets, or entire applications to colleagues and customers without additional licensing requirements or fees.  More details about the VM can be found at RSI web site in the FAQ section.

In the runtime version, our programs need to calculate the extinction the galactic coordinates (l,b) and the distance of a given object. Since the VM version does not support commands in the prompt line, there is a file called coord.dat which contains the galactic coordinates and the distance required by our Models (see the file structure). This file must be in the same directory of the file ALextin. You need to change this file in order to put the coordinates of your objects (there is not restriction of the number of lines). You just need to keep our format.

Download all package (ALextin.tar.gz) and save it in a directory called ALextin. (The file size is ~ 12 Mb)

Open a new terminal window, go to the directory ALextin and type:

[amores@calixto ALextin]$ gunzip ALextin.tar.gz

[amores@calixto ALextin]$ tar -xvf ALextin.tar

Change the file coord.dat. (to set your coordinates)

To run the models just type:

[amores@calixto ALextin]$ ./ALextin

As explained above 'click to continue' in the RSI window.

After the simulation the program will created two files: resultAX (Model A) and resultsSP (Model S) with the extinction in the Av for the galactic coordinates and distances provide in the input file (coord.dat) for the two models, respectively. Please, renember to save or rename the ouput files, because each time that you run the simulation these files will be erased.

As pointed in the RSI FAQ section, there are some differences between runtime IDL and the VM version. For instance, it each time that you run the program our programs ALextin will appear a splash screen. You must manually dismissed this window (click to continue).